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The Best Rooftop Cargo Box Brands

Even if you are not traveling, but simply need to transport something that can damage the interior of your vehicle or not fit in any way, the roof luggage will be, in short, the best solution. The 5 best roof racks for your carAlready with the basic knowledge you must have an idea of the most convenient for you, however, among so many models and prices available in the market  we want to make sure that with your budget you can make the best investment and for that we did a little research and made a comparison about the baggage handlers loading outstanding for its good quality and low price, and made a list of those meeting the most important characteristics, being economical and affordable for most.

Best rooftop cargo box brands:

Following are some of thebest rooftop cargo box brands;

Green Valley Nevada 450L roof box:

You will love the aerodynamic lines and the elegant design of the roof box, in turn, its size and shape make it ideal for compact cars.It has a capacity of 50kg, is made of high-quality rigid material in glossy black and your cargo will travel sheltered from the rain in a compartment with steel or aluminum bases according to your choiceThe security system is double and will block the compartment, however, it is easy to open or close and before investing you can validate the combination with the make and model of your car.The installation is simple, has good value for money and will be your faithful companion on those road trips.

G3 All-Time 480 + Bars:

  • The one with the best price-quality ratio
  • This roof box is one of the most attractive, and although its price is not so cheap, it’s worth it.
  • This drawer is often used in sedans; the capacity of it is up to 390 liters and is a strong structure of UV protection with three years of guarantee to support the investment.
  • It also includes easy-to-install aluminum luggage racks and a lockable anti-theft system that will secure the part of the thugs.
  • The G3 brand is one of the most experienced manufacturing accessories for quality cars and this model is no exception.

KKmoon Waterproof Extendable Bag:

  • The best for weekend walks
  • If you are used to going out with your family for a walk this is the appropriate model for you, it is a boot bag made of ultra-resistant waterproof nylon plastic in which you will carry everything you need.
  • The best thing about the luggage rack is that it is easy to install, it is fixed on four sides, it adapts to the shape of the articles, it is resistant to water, resistant to fire, to the wind, protects its contents along the way and at the time of store it to be foldable you will save it without taking up much space.
  • It has good anchors, with thick and resistant straps, it is also the most compatible and is the most economical of our top.

Get your Roof Cargo Box

In the form of a shout or a sigh of relief, the thought is common to all: At last, holidays! It only remains to prepare the suitcases and load them into the car … That’s when we realize that a new problem is looming before we can reach our paradisiacal destination. Nobody wants to leave something at home, just in case, of course. And if it rains, let’s bring the umbrella and the ludo. If the sun comes out every day? I need the umbrella, the little stick and the bucket for the sand. In case it refreshes, let’s carry some sweaters and the jacket … The suitcase grows to the point of exploding, and probably does not fit in the trunk.

The roof cargo boxis transformed, therefore, into an ideal solution. Two transverse bars (or three, for vans with very long roofs) made of sheet steel, stainless steel or aluminum injection that cross the width of the roof work as a support to support excess baggage. They may have a square profile or a rounded, more aerodynamic design. Its most common measures are 1.08 m long; 1.20 m; 1.35 m; 1.40 m and 1.50 meters. Its section, in as much, is of about 3 centimeters, and they resist between 50 and 100 kg of weight, according to the model.

However, not all are suitable for any vehicle. You should think about the width of the roof, its height and where it can be adjusted. Before buying one blindly, it must be verified whether the roof is equipped with a dropper or not, there are even drippers of different widths since the attachment will depend on that.In the first case, the fixing anchor (also called foot) is inserted into the bar. They are placed on the dropper and the closing wheel is rotated, which simultaneously tenses the bars. The pieces that are in contact with the wheel are protected with plastic or rubber to avoid scratches and, at the same time, provide a non-slip and vibration-damping surface.

Models with a lock on the closing wheels are available in order to reduce the risk of theft. The same key serves for the four locks.Meanwhile, to give a more aesthetic presence to the set, there are versions that replace the wheels by a lid of recyclable plastic of high resistance, called ABS, which is snapped onto the set and conceals the adjustment screw.Some vehicles leave the factory with two lateral bars. It will be enough to acquire the two transversal bars and hold them in the way explained above to have a luggage rack. Others have two side slots along the roof (this is the case of many off-road vehicles), from where it is possible to hold them.

However, there are wheels that do not have drippers or slots. In those cases, roof cargo boxis specifically designed to allow anchoring of the anchor in the minimum space that opens between the roof and the doors are chosen.

Why To Use The Roof Cargo Box For Cars?

The roof chests improve the aerodynamics with respect to carrying the load directly on the luggage racks, reducing consumption, noise and aerodynamic drag. They are safer by subject and by the smaller possibility that the load leaves flying in a blow of wind.But the chests are more expensive, although they have come down a lot in price. To the price of the transversal bars, it is necessary to add the own chest, whose price varies according to its size, characteristics, and quality.The roof cargo box for cars is a very practical solution to increase the load capacity in trips. Of course, require some care when riding, fill and drive with them that we tell you here.

The roof chests allow you to carry more luggages in the car and more safely than the old roof racks since the cargo goes in a closed compartment and protected from wind, rain or prying eyes. But it is still necessary to take some care when it comes to riding it, loading it and when driving with it. You have left the small car for long family trips or simply are not willing to have a bigger car than you need throughout the year just to have the capacity to make one or two long trips a year.  Well it is important is to fix the bars well so that they do not fly away, like placing the cassette completely longitudinal to the gear.

To check that the chest is straight, stand in front of or behind the car, but about 8 meters away, you will see better if it is straight or not.And is that the growth in the size of the different segments has led us to a compact five-door hatchback body with space and enough luggage for a family of four … Unless you travel with more than one suitcase person, there we already find limitations. Roof cargo box for cars offers a simple and quick assembly on the roof rails of the vehicle. The finishes offered by this model are impeccable, taking care of even the smallest detail. It is a truly broad model, resistant and with many possibilities to enjoy travels.

There are two drastic solutions; one is to buy a large car, very large, more than what you need for the rest of the year. This usually means a larger outlay, more consumption and also less agility and limitations when parking or moving between urban traffic. The other is clear, carry only the essentials and make do with what fits in the trunk.But it’s not about making sacrifices or dealing with a bigger car than we like; there are other solutions to carry that entire luggage that does not fit in the car when you go on vacation. Sure you know them and even use some of them, but it is worth giving a review to each of them and evaluates their advantages

Brands for Roof Cargo Box Cheap

They can be folded manually or with the help of a crank, in some it is necessary to remove a crossbar, but it is quick and allows storing it more easily. On the contrary, they make noise at high speed, the wind resistance is greater and you cannot leave them on when you do not use them because they are damaged or damaged (or stolen). In any case, they are a good solution for occasional use (which is the majority).If you are a brand new roof box this summer you know the options you have. Maybe you have not stopped to analyze it so thoroughly and instead of solving your life you have become more involved. Do not worry, step by step go answering the initial questions and you will find the solution that best suits your needs. Good trip!

There are more aerodynamic shapes, which reduces aerodynamic drag and, consequently, consumption. But if they have the low height you should bear in mind that it is more difficult to load them and that there are packages that may not fit because of excess height. On the other hand, there are elongated chests and others more rectangular that cover more width of the ceiling. The latter is committed to maximum capacity.The elongated chests respond to two advantages over those that are wider. The first is its smaller front surface, therefore lower wind resistance and lower consumption. The second is that they allow installation on one side of the roof to free the other half, where we can take skis and up to two bicycles if the roof of the car is wide, for example.

However, the narrows limit the dimensions of the luggage to be transported and, if they are installed in the center of the roof, it is more difficult to access them. Speaking of access for loading and unloading, there are different types of opening; the classic rear seems to have been reduced to the maximum compared to the more comfortable side opening. In addition, there are models that allow its opening on both sides to facilitate even more it’s handling.

Roof cargo box cheap brands:

The roof trunks, also known as car roof chests, have become very popular in recent times thanks to its great utility, but what are the best brands on the market? There are three brands that are at the top of the ranking:

G3: The G3 brand is one of the most popular and demanded by buyers, a brand that fuses quality, price, and functionality, a brand that offers buyers a wide range of options to choose from for all needs, tastes, and preferences.

Green Valley: Another of the best brands in the market without a doubt, a brand that offers you an infinite number of interesting proposals, all of them with great value for money.

Modula: Following closely behind the heels is the brand Modula, a brand that makes car roof chests at a really attractive price, high-quality trolleys really useful, practical, wide, and very good finishes.

If you are looking for a roof cargo box cheap, then these are the best and the cheapest.

What are Roof Cargo Box Accessories?

When you buy what will be your car for many years (as far as possible), you cannot count on all possible use cases. That is, one buys a car to use it by the city on errands and daily activity; to go to and from work, which is at a reasonable distance; to work, a mixture between urban and interurban use. The options are multiple, so it can be the case that the car we buy falls short on specific occasions, and we need an extra storage to be able to leave, for example, on vacation.

Among the options available to expand the load capacity of the car, is the roof rack, an element that began as a simple structure of bars accommodated in the roof of the car, and that has evolved towards the chests, more practical, with less freedom to the time to store objects, but more aerodynamic and safe, because they are totally closed. How to place the load on the roof rack (or inside the chest)?

We must clarify that the chest, or trunk, is installed on the roof, so in any case you must install that structure first. We will choose the chest if what we are going to transport fits inside, while if we have to transport something that objectively does not fit inside the box, it will have to be accommodated on the roof, that is, taking into account the maximum measures allowed by law.

Roof cargo box accessories:

To know how to transport the load and if it can, or not, stand out from the projection on the vehicle (that is, not protruding beyond the limits of the vehicle), we refer to the corresponding section, but we must bear in mind that, in the general case, the load must not exceed those limits of the projection on the floor. If we are moving and the load is indivisible (for example, a mattress, or a very long ribbon) it would be a special case that should be consulted.

When we go on vacation we do not usually take a mattress, so in most practical cases of daily life, just place the objects correctly on the roof, although our first preference would be to carry that load always in the chest. First, because the trunk is more aerodynamic and allows us to carry the cargo confined, with no need to tie it or hold it with an octopus. And second, because placing the trunk on the roof is very simple, and that avoids additional problems.

To place, in any case, the load on the roof rack we should think that the biggest and heaviest objects should go as low and back as possible, and it is better to distribute the entire load the more at the base of the roof, the better. The idea is that the center of gravity of the car does not rise too much, so that’s why it’s better to carry a few things up, or that they are not too heavy. For all this the roof cargo box accessories are necessary!